About us

Sizeable Bear is a DIY Promotions company formed in March 2019 by Josh Healy and Adam Sloan. The two are joined by Hannah Anderson in their quest to bring bands and artists from around the island of Ireland to Belfast on a non-profit basis for the organisers, with all money made at events going directly to the bands.

Some of our events may be more expensive than the usual £5 entry for gigs featuring Irish artists in Belfast. The only reason for this is so that we are be able to give acts enough money to afford to travel to Belfast and perform.


Please join us for our events and help create an environment where bands can get paid to play!




Buí's frontman is well travelled and when he's not somewhere in Europe he'll be organising gigs (or at a Dundalk match, which falls under the category of being somewhere in Europe).   

Josh Healy

Happy Young Man

If Amy isn't tending to her dog Sarge or watching Judge Judy she'll be making sure you pay in at the door and sorting out interviews with bands.

Amy Nolan

Grade 8 vocalist and grade something on viola. Hannah will be emailing, instagraming and generally looking after artists at Sizeable Bear. 

Hannah Anderson

Twiddling synthesizer knobs for Buí and putting forward songs that Josh suggests might be better for his other project Colonel Chocolate and the Justice Triangle. Adam will be looking after the website, other greasy background things and talking in the third person.

Adam Sloan



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